Trying a One-Day Juice Cleanse

Juice cleanses/diets were all about keeping up with the fitness fads and trends quite some time back in Singapore. We see many cold pressed juices offered in all kinds of stores and people were readily paying $8 onward for a bottle of fresh cold juice. There were many yogis seen on Instagram promoting 3 days, 6 days 1 week, or even a month of juice cleanses! However, the fad has since died down but we still see people who partake in short term juice cleanses for a supposed detox/rejuvenation of the body. So, is this worth all the HYPE we see?

I won a juice cleanse by Antidote, so I’m super excited to try this out (because as a skeptic of liquid diets, this might totally change my impression of juice diets)! According to Antidote‘s FAQs, we want to do a juice cleanse because it helps to give our digestive tracts a break, allowing it to release the internal toxin build-up. While yes, our body does have the ability to cleanse itself naturally, a juice cleanse will help your body to do what it does, better.

As I have been trying to increase my protein intake at that time, I opted for the Body Balance Cleanse Pack because of the promise that it can provide more than 100g of protein in a one day cleanse!

Displaying all my juices for the day!

So I was at work that day in my frigid office while drinking my juices. It was a really cold day because I didn’t start my day with coffee, and I only drank the juices and water. Everything was well labelled and easy to follow so you don’t have to think twice about anything. Also, the juices were all about 500ml each bottle so I was kept SUPER FULL throughout the day! My favourites would definitely be the nutmylks, which to my pleasant surprise, do not contain any dairy at all!

The Verdict?

The process was easy, pleasant and DELICIOUS! However, I honestly did no prepping prior to the 1 day cleanse. If you are interested to know what you are recommended to do before a juice cleanse, see this! I am a coffee addict too so while having a break from coffee for one day was manageable, I can’t imagine how this will be if it is more than a day! Perhaps a longer juice cleanse would be required to see (and feel) more obvious results. Other than that, I believe a one day cleanse is still a good detox for my body in general, especially the part about no solid foods. I totally enjoyed the one day juice cleanse!

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