DAY 3 – HIIT and Spin – The Spin Pod Review!

This is probably one of the torching calories days because of all the cardio involved! Did a quick 30 min hiit in the morning before heading out to break my fast for lunch.

This was the cardio body pump I did today, and I must say, I was wiped! All the jump squats were intensely challenging my form as the timer counts down!

Today, Sandra and I also booked the Spin Pod because of the allure of a private spin class amidst this craziness! But after hearing from PM LHL this evening, I guess it means BYE BYE to any gyms, be it private pod form, or not. Lololol.

picture of the Spin Pod and Gym Pod
The Gym Pod & The Spin Pod @ Changi Business Park
picture of The Spin Pod
The Spin Pod

The pods look absolutely futuristic in the background of the business park! And I must say it’s such an innovative idea! However, with no shade at this area, I felt like the pods were burning up.

When the doors opened 5 min prior to our booking time, it feels as if a heat wave just hit us from the pod! The website states that the pods will be cooled prior to our entry, but when we went in, the aircon had to be manually turned on, so I’m not too sure about cooling the pod before our entrance…

Inside the Spin Pod, 6 bikes there!
Us before the lights dimmed down

Nevertheless, we were super excited to start our spin class! We disinfected the bikes and made our adjustments and the pod automatically dims to start our class! The video content shown was by Les Mills during our spin! As this Les Mills is the program offered at Fitness First, the tracks and intensity of the exercise were familiar to me. Regardless, I pushed myself hard for this class! The knobs on the bikes were ULTRA sensitive so every mini turn meant a great increase in resistance!

Pushing myself to work real hard!

Would I come back again?

A big YES!

I love the privacy you get and the convenience of the pods, especially if one is near your home! Price wise is not the most economical, but it can be a viable option for those who don’t like the commitment of gym memberships or class packages!

Staying strong and stay safe! Updates again tomorrow!

Xoxo, Shermaine

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