Hello LOVES!  

There are things in life that we do because we love to, and one thing that has been a constant in my life, is the element of handcrafting customized gifts for my loved ones. I am incredibly blessed to be able to have found myself a happy job that propels my purpose in life (I suppose?!)! as my current role allows me the ability to organize and lead events that warms the hearts of recipients with a personalized touch every single time! And of course, I truly appreciate receiving the joys of others in the process as well and have decided that maybe, I could bring that passion to spread love and joy to a wider audience!

What better way to combine my love for crafting customized gifts and beautiful potpourri together than the birth of POCKETPETALS?!

Pocketpetals was birthed because I really love dainty items/gifts that includes an element of fleur, and if you are reading this, you probably do TOO! 

I am excited to share this pet project with you because we have crossed paths somehow and I am excited to gift you a fully handmade creation to keep for yourself, or as a gift for someone else to spread joy to this person!

For this first round of creations, I am fully working with pretty potpourri (yes, my IG handle!) because they are just too precious and beautiful!

Customized creations are more than welcome and I would also love to encase your petal memories into keepsakes you can call your own! Just let me know your preferences!