MAY 1ST 2020 – Yoga + Lower Body Workout

I got up to finally attempt my Ashtanga Yoga sequence which I used to diligently follow in the past! I feel good progress in my fitness level, especially since right now I can complete the entire sequence without getting too tired at all! It might even feel like just a good stretch for me! Pleased with my progress! However, I still cannot do things like lotus (duh, because not much work put into that at all!). This is the video I used to do daily, diligently! You can try it out here!

Went on to target my lower body with a strength workout that uses just bodyweight. Would say that the cardio aspect is not too high, so you get to really go deep in the lower body work and target them glutes and quads! In general, I enjoyed this workout, but feel like I could do more, so we finished the day with Nelson’s HIIT right after!

Just a few more days before I will take my progress pictures to do a 30 Day comparison! Feeling a little beat too, because I think my period is on the way and I am feeling all kinds of lethargy and bloat and not feeling like I’m in the best condition to take a progress picture. Might delay the picture taking, we’ll see!

Updates again!

Xoxo, Shermaine

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