Intermittent Fasting and Intuitive Eating – My Honest 2 Week Review


I really enjoyed my experience with intermittent fasting (IF)! Partaking in IF has not only allowed me to see changes in my weight, but I feel that it has also helped me to become more attuned to the idea of intuitive eating (a philosophy of eating that makes you the expert of your body and its hunger signals). This modified eating pattern that cycles between periods of fasting and normal eating is easily weaved into your lifestyle! Especially those of you who tend to sleep in on the weekend – you’re unknowingly skipping a meal and doing IF!

This was me during my holiday in Bangkok, keeping a good 14 hour schedule for IF.

There are so many ways to do IF, such as alternate day fasting, daily fasting (16/8, 14/10 etc) and even a full 24 hours fast! All the information are out there on the kinds of fast you want to try, so research away! For myself, I tried both the 16 and the 14 hours fast. After one and a half weeks of 16 hour fasts, I switched on over to a more lenient 14 hour fast because I am unsure if the longer fasting period was causing a delay to my period. Besides, according to articles, IF affects women differently as compared to men because female bodies are extremely sensitive to calorie restriction. To stay on the safe side, I eat when I feel hungry (which peaks at about 14 hours of fast) and am not strict on the hours. Some would say this is better classified as intuitive eating.

Before I was accustomed to this eating pattern, I was munching away (almost) every hour or two. I had the misconception that this would help to boost my metabolism rate. However, the frequent eating schedule could instead cause weight gain and digestive issues! This is because the short two hour window can cause high glucose levels in our blood! The peak of the glucose generated from the first meal superimposing with the glucose from the second meal would result in a bigger glucose peak. This can slowly ruin our vascular system! With this revelation, I try to remind myself that the urge to constantly eat/think of food arises because I am BORED. Besides, it is easier to take a walk and clear my mind and then come back to work than it is to grab another bite and then feel bogged down and sluggish over my over-eating pattern.

Some benefits I have experienced from a lenient IF lifestyle/intuitive eating pattern:

  1. More energy and time to get work done! Less time spent vexing over what to eat/meal prep for my many meals
  2. Appetite is reduced on its own without any deliberate effort. This means better portion control and less greed during meals!
  3. Improved weight management because the total calorie intake is reduced as well!

Feeling all excited to embark on a keto journey soon too! Let me know if you have any questions or if you’re also on this journey as well! <3

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