I’ve always been a lover of WATERSPORTS so I’ve really been looking forward to wavehouse the whole competition! When I was younger, I would specially go on Wednesdays because ONE-FOR-ONE (#brokestudent)! And that not only includes one-for-one riding, but also the FOOD! *THEY STILL HAVE ONE-FOR-ONE WEDNESDAYS!* Okay so maybe I always go there for the food, HAHA. And I was never brave enough to stand previously because of the falls; I always stayed with body surfing! Does that explain why I sucked at it? 

Met up with Cheryl and Val and walked in together to save that $4 on the train in, LOL. We were early okay, so early birds save money~

Picture of the early birds!

We went on to collect our tags and changed out to be ALL PREPARED for our epic learning experience! 

Happy us before we knew what was coming, LOL.

We had about an hour of learning and getting the feel of what it means to RIDE THE WAVES. And no joke, it sure was super strong! I think people actually feedback that if you can ride at wavehouse, the actual waves would be much easier to conquer? 

There were a total of two lanes on each side and you would have to queue up to wait for your turn as only one person rides on each side at a time. Don’t worry though, the queue wouldn’t take too long because most people probably fall off in less than a minute (with the exception of a few who are really good), HAHA. 

Check out my MOVES!

Watch the part where I got splashed, it is so funny! HAHAHA. And of course the slowmo of falling down is always epic. 

And then we tried to channel our inner Baywatch:


So for the record, my competition timing was 8 SECONDS! I’d say AWESOME to that score because I felt it was a good balance for the competition (considering how I fall of so quickly during my learning tries)! And so the winner is, MEL! She stayed for 15 SECONDS WEW! She was such a natural at it even while we were learning! She was doing many variations like moving forward and backwards as well as bending towards the ground to restore balance and all! So impressive! 

Wrapping it up, I’d say, GO HAVE FUN AT WAVEHOUSE! I really enjoyed it, as with all kinds of watersports! Thought my experience with wakeboarding would help a little BUT IT DIDN’T, LOL. The balance points and all were different so really, just go try all the exciting things out there! 

One more sneaky face before saying bye!

Check them out in Sentosa! We did the double flowrider!

Business Hours 

  • Monday to Friday: 11:30am – 9:30pm 
  • Saturday, Sunday & PH: 10.30am – 9.30pm 


  • Monday to Friday: 12:00pm – 9.00pm (Sessions run every hour, last session starts at 8.00pm) 
  • Saturday, Sunday & PH: 11.00am – 9.00pm (Sessions run every hour, last session starts at 8.00pm) 


  • 12.15pm to 8.45pm 
  • (Session runs every 30 mins, last session starts at 8.15pm) 
  • Closed on Tuesday and Thursday

Minimum 3 riders are required for a 30 minutes public FlowBarrel session to commence. Register at the Wave Desk at least 30 minutes prior to the hour you intend to ride. All rides are subject to availability on a first-come-first-served basis.

Valid for walk-in only, no phone reservations. 

Call the Wave Desk Hotline at 6238 1196 for wave enquiries.  Call the main line at 6377 3113 for corporate/ private lane bookings.


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