A beautiful Sunday with some kicks and punches rounds up a great weekend, isn’t it? 

The Dreamgirls got to try out Kickboxing with U-Elite’s very homely space at Ubi (my former hometown!)! It is perfect for those who work nearby because there are many coffee shops to head to after a kick-ass workout! 

Chilling while waiting for the other girls to come!
Here’s a cosy space where they set up some of the equipment for us!

Our Trainers Zackiee and Shamaine were very friendly and explained to us why self defence is very important:

We at U-Elite believe that personal protection knowledge encompasses a wide range of attacks that are not limited to just bodily harm. With that in mind, our self-defence coaching covers the following three areas:
a) Defence against assaults;
b) Defence against accidents;
c) Defence against diseases, through the maintenance of a healthy and fit body

As seen in their banner, it’s always important to be Aware, Alert, to Avoid and to take Action if necessary! 


We were taught many different techniques which included the classic jabs as well as hook punches and front kicks! I like how the whole class was beautifully structured in such a way where the mastery of one movement would lead you to the next seamlessly, allowing you to not only revisit the first few classic moves, but also how else to adapt it into another move! 

And of course we have to partner up to practice both sides! This is really where it gets rather tiring! 

Val!!! Best partner woohoo!
And of course we need to take cute pictures!

Throughout this session, we are practicing the different moves for a period of time before we get a water break. And although it sounds really simple and easy to accomplish, IT IS NOT. If you really try to incorporate all the hip twists and punch with intensity, you tire out really REALLY fast! 

But fortunately, Richel got us some drinks!

Look at those exhausted faces all full of sweat!

Can you believe we spent such an enriching 3 hours plus here?!? 

But you know it’s all worth it and fun because no matter how tired you are, you’re still full of smiles!

And look at Val trying to steal a shot too!

Centered around the philosophy of Defence, they have other courses that you can check out here as well! Plus, they even have personal training! 

What I really like about here is how homely you’ll feel it is! It is good for those who are seeking out an additional sense of belonging!  

Check out their website here!
Here are some more info:


33 Ubi Ave 3, Vertex #01-34, Singapore 408868

Nearest MRT Station: 
Tai Seng MRT Station (Circle Line)

If you have any enquiry about our courses or workshop, please contact us via EMAIL or SMS.




9154 5914

(If we miss your call, please send us an email or sms.)


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