DREAMGIRL SG – Talk with Appeal Plastic Surgery

Appeal Plastic Surgery has hosted a very welcoming talk for all of the Dreamgirl SG participants last Sunday where they shared about their professional accreditation and services. Doctor Cho Dong Pill, Director surgeon of Appeal Plastic Surgery enlightened us about the various services that they specialized in, as well as what to expect if we were to undertake a procedure with them. With their clinic strategically located in Korea, the most important points were that there would be hotel bookings, airport pickup service, as well as language interpretation; this provides seamless integration for clients who might worry about the logistics of undergoing a procedure in a foreign country. With such excellent services, looks like it will be a great excuse for some holiday at the same time!

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Our friendly speaker!

There are many different kinds of procedures that they specialize in. As someone who has never looked much into the topic of plastic surgery, it was really interesting to see how the different procedures can really enhance a person’s outlook! Some of the most impressionable ones are Rhinoplasty, Double Eyelid Surgery (the most common that I have seen), as well as Breast Augmentation.

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Rhinoplasty (I never knew this term but check out that nose bridge!)
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Look at that difference!

At the end of the session, we were all called out to share our concerns about undergoing procedures like these and get immediate feedback! It was interesting to know how wearing double eyelid stickers are actually the one of the causes for droopy eyelids/excess skin on the eyelid! I am definitely guilty of using these stickers to enhance more dramatic makeup or when I am creating a more intense makeup look, but time to stop using them guys!

Also, Yumiko was also there to share some words with us. She is also the ambassador for their procedures so if you are ever considering to do any of the procedures, you would definitely feel more assured talking to her because she has the real life experiences of undergoing them!

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Beautiful and friendly Yumiko!

All in all, it was an eye-opening (literally with all those pretty double eyelid pictures!) experience for me! Although I did not opt in for this, I am so excited for that one lucky girl of the seven who showed their interest in undergoing procedures! She would be fully sponsored for a procedure, complete with air tickets! How cool is that?! Can’t wait to see who the lucky one will be! 🙂



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