DREAMGIRL SG – Spa Retreat at Queen Ginya

THE MOMENT WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR; a nice relaxing night out with the girls at a SPA! 

I’ve been looking forward to this retreat THE WHOLE (of last) WEEK! Especially since I teach two yoga classes in the morning on Saturdays plus all the running around I did in between, I REALLY NEED THAT TREAT. 

The spa was quite easy to locate as it is conveniently situated inside Clarke Quay! Quietly tucked away into a little corner on the upper floors, expect to be warmly received by the staff when you arrive! 

The dreamgirls were all gathered into the big couple room where we were briefed about today’s activity. So we were to be split into 3 groups, the facial group, massage group, and the skin analysis/makeup group. I was silently praying to be in the massage group the whole time, LOL. Need some loving to ease those kinks and aches! 

Excited faces before we go in!


Face of bliss! And no, I didn’t have that cap on my head the whole time, it was just for fun! But you can use to to protect your hair from the oil too!

It was a supposed 30 min of treatment for each station but the process felt really fast (does time really pass by SO QUICKLY when you’re having fun?)! The massage consisted of smooth long strokes with light pressure so it is good for people who are more adverse to pain or get ticklish easily. However, I tend to prefer more pressure in my massages so I requested for it. My neck area felt REALLY GOOD after! And off i went to wait for my turn at the other stations.

Here’s Miki waiting for her mask to settle in before washing it off!
Sneak peek into the single room!

Being my usual curious self, I popped into the other room to check out what the other contestants were up to! I found Melissa and Jenny! They were having so much fun in their own private room! And to my surprise, I saw this massage therapist giving Jenny a really awesome massage by using her knees to press on points and using her skilful fingers to press on Jenny’s tummy to get her bloatedness out! Jenny was shouting in half laughter half pain (but I think she secretly liked it, LOL). I was so intrigued and this seemed like the more intense massage that I would love! After Jenny was done, I quickly asked if I could also have a short taste of it and she obliged! How nice of her!!! So I hopped on and had my back all cracked up (YUMMY STRETCH) and she cracked my neck as well! A quick 2min experience but I’m IN LOVE! P.s. I have a really bad habit of cracking all my joints so I really love it when people do that for me! P.p.s. I also help my students to crack their backs (AND MORE) in my yoga classes! 😉 

So we got back to waiting for our turns! While waiting, some girls listened in to the skin analysis/makeup group and found out how their contours should be angled higher etc! In the end there were too many of us and some miscommunication happened so we rescheduled our slots! I’ll be waiting to enjoy some good facial and massage again, YAY! 

Stay tuned for my experience at the spa again soon! 



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