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Was honestly feeling both worried yet excited for this activity because people were all telling me about how TERRIBLE the bruises would be! I even came all prepared by borrowing the army uniform to be all covered! Valerie was my other twin! 

Feeling SUPER protected in our gear!

By playing a game of chance, my allocated team was with Jenny and Shixin! We quickly got to discuss our strategy, with shixin telling us how someone told her that we should always maintain a triangle formation throughout in order to maintain a better position (but of course it’s really tough to do so when the actual game starts?!). 

Briefing before the game!
Our team!

The first round’s mission was to save the baby. Our opponent team comprised of Cheryl, Ranxuan and Sheryl. The first impression I had was, SIAO LIAO. LOL. Their team had the tough cookies and we were all feeling mediocre in this tactical game! But to our amazement, we managed to win! In our prearranged roles, I was to distract and grab the baby to pass to Jenny to escape back to base while shixin would help to cover our backs by being our sniper! When the game started and we approached the baby, everything happened very quickly as Jenny was so swift in getting the baby and returning back to base! Despite being a short game, it was still a very heart racing experience and you can really feel the intensity and excitement pulsing through your body! 

Our opponents trying to game us HAHAHA

For the final game, the terrain and mission was switched to a more grassy one where we had to raise our team’s coloured flag for a duration of one minute before it would be considered a win. During that period, the team with the flag raised would then try and defend their position from the opponent who might dash in to raise the opponent flag. The scary part about this was how unprotected the flag pole was, so everytime you try and enter, you’ll definitely get shot. 

In this final game, our team was against Melissa, Simin and Miki. We were prepared to be taking many bullets from this game. Especially me, since I was the one who goes for the flag. This game was really intense and it was quite hard to see. There was almost no way to check the situation without the risk of getting shot, so I felt like the only way to go is to just do it. I felt like it would have been foolproof if the snipers managed to hit the opponents and giving me a clear signal to go or if someone would have taken the cover in front to shield my way there. I guess we could have strategised it better. Although we managed to be the first to raise the flag, we didn’t win because the opposing team must have managed to break in while I was returning to base after getting shot. We didn’t manage to get our flag back up. There could be a few reasons but I think that some of the opponents didn’t return to base after getting shot so we kept shooting but they were all still there. It could be hard to feel yourself getting shot while in the midst of the game, but that definitely all boils down to integrity. 


In any case, it was still a fun and great experience to really get my hands on shooting! I think it would be a really amazing team bonding experience for large groups! 


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