One thing I really HAVE to point out for this sampling session is that, I am REALLY IMPRESSED that the representatives can actually match our names to our faces! Top that up with the personalized goodie bags, and it is really giving all the thumbs up for this brand!

So what is Nuvia’s brand all about?

Nuvia Sweetener is a low calorie sugar replacement created from the pure extract of the naturally sweet Stevia plant. We choose to work with the naturally sweet Stevia plant in our sweetener because of its proven integrity as a healthy alternative to sugar, diversity as an ingredient and great natural flavour. Our signature, great tasting sweetener can be easily used in cooking and baking and compliments tea and coffee perfectly.

SAY HELLO TO GUILT-FREE TREATS because you are not only getting the goodness of a healthy alternative, but also the eggless and dairy free promise from Delcie’s Desserts (http://delcies.com/)! What this meant was that the treats we were served with had no saturated fats and are 100% naturally cholesterol free – making them REALLY GUILT-FREE. Check out the generous spread of food here!

DID YOU KNOW: Sugar is almost as addictive as cocaine?

The team shared with us a short video documentary called ‘Fed Up’, showing us many facts and dangers of consuming too much sugar.

This is definitely very worrying as most of us place an emphasis on a higher quality of life and would want to live happily and healthily. As such, you find that you can really feel and understand the motivation behind the story of the brand:

We believe everyone has the opportunity for optimum wellness, no matter what stage they’re at or what their sugary Achilles heel is. We all just need the right insights, tools and nutrition to get there.  

And come on, there’s really no excuses when there are even free healthy recipes for you! DOUBLE HAPPINESS!

Check the recipes out: http://www.nuviaproducts.com/eat_me/

Feeling in awe of myself consuming 0g of sugar from this photo, HAHA.

I could really sense the passion and sincerity shown by the team during the presentation, complete with a touch of warm gestures they have showered us with!

Look at their lovely set up for us!

So, is it time to SUGAR-FREE ME (US)?

Contact them here!




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