DREAMGIRL SG – Kick-ass Session at Trifecta!

It was a whole weekend of fun and I definitely have got to share my experience for Brazilian jujitsu! Finally got around to penning my thoughts and experience down for this 2nd official activity for Dreamgirl SG so enjoy my very visual journey!

We got to experience some cool moves, courtesy of Trifecta Martial Arts. They are a martial arts school specializing in Taekwondo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes; classes are run everyday too so you can get your quick fix anytime! Our class for that day was held at their Bukit Timah branch so we got to see beautiful lush greenery and HORSES!

Expect to be warmly welcome by the view!

Look out for the quaint row of houses and a little orange standee! Turn in and you’ll see the reception area plus a space for you to place your shoes inside!

Go on inside and be awes by this awesome view! Or it could be just me being in love with the gable.


Then get yourself inspired by more fit peeps working out with their face full of dedication!

But of course, don’t forget to take some pretty shots with the tires outside first!

And then we got changed and took more photos!

And the learning begins:


So yes, BJJ is quite a physical sport where you will have to pin your body on top of the opponent until he/she taps out. It was really fun because it was something different that you don’t get to do (and I guess sort of unleashes your inner inhibitions?). But in our case, most of us felt that we did not go all out because we were afraid we might upset the other party if we did so and ended up injuring someone, LOL. It was still super fun nonetheless, with the squirming and innovative ways to escape getting pinned down or choked.

Meet Jolene, my sparring partner of the day!


And of course, our instructors of the day who did a really great job engaging us throughout the session!

We ended off that day’s session with a talk by our Stickee bra sponsors who came down and educated us on the benefits on NOT wearing bras! There is something to do with lifting and giving your ladies an extra lift of 1cm! But I’ll share about that next time!

So here’s a group shot with the Stickee bra sponsors!


In all, I had so much fun experiencing a new sport! Never thought I would be enjoying a sport that is so physical and perhaps a little violent? However, might feel in a better position to really take charge of the opponent if I don’t personally know him/her LOL.

Here’s a happy me after the session!


Check out Trifecta Martial Arts:BUKIT TIMAH BRANCH





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