Guess what I’m doing here? 


Take note of Val’s makeup here because she’ll be undergoing some changes~ 😉

Thanks to Karmart SG, the dreamgirls were very lucky to have received some really great products! Some of my favourites:

Cathy Doll Real Brow 4D Tattoo Tint 
This is an amazing tattoo tint eyebrow pencil that gives you realistic hair strokes with their special 4-tip magic brush! No more disappearing brows even when you’re drenched in sweat! Who says tattooed eyebrows look so fake?!? Also, use the brush in two different angles; flat down (as show in pic) to achieve the hair strokes effect, or angle it to align the brush tips to give you a single slick stroke! Click here to find out more about it (you definitely should!)!

Look at that amazing brush!

Eyebrow Stamp

This product is not found on the website (let me know if you see it?) but it is crazy amazing! It’s like a one second makeup wonder! All you need is to stamp and that’s it your brows are DONE! Just watch the videos! 

[wpvideo QEbG41NV]

[wpvideo OiERR5j9]

Sculpting Highlight and Shading Cushion SPF50 PA+++ Cathy Doll

This is the best time saver if you’re into a chiselled look! 2-in-1 contour cushion is your lifesaver! The best thing about this is how it is sweat proof and waterproof (especially under Singapore’s crazy humid weather) which I love! To top it off, it even has sun protection and gives a beautiful matte finish! Details here (this is the Malaysia site because I can’t find it on the SG site).


Cathy Doll Aloe vera & Snail Serum Soothing Gel mixed with Cathy Doll AA Automatic Aura Cream SPF45 PA+++ 

I really like how the soothing gel feels so lightweight on the skin, but yet delivers the right amount of hydration that leaves your skin looking so plump! Best part is that it smells like yummy cucumber! How’s that for feeling an extra boost of freshness?!? The AA cream is perfect for me too because firstly, I love how there is this tea tree smell that makes me feel like it combats any oiliness and is anti acne! P.s. It also has anti aging effects! 

Read about the soothing gel here and the AA cream here!

Fast forward to the makeup workshop, we were very privileged to be here and see two looks – Western Smokey Eye and Korean Sweet Doe Look, come to live! Our models are none other than Valerie and Celine! Guess which looks they are going to be allocated to?!

In order to see some amazing transformation, Celine was to try out the Western Smokey Eye look on her usually bare faced skin! Valerie, on the other hand, was going to have her makeup toned down from her usual western look to portray a Korean Sweet Doe look! How exciting! 

Getting all dolled up for hee Korean look! Her face looks really light here but in photos it’s awesome!

That’s it for the makeup workshop! Do check their products out if you like to find out more about what you see!

Their website is here!



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