Right after the makeup workshop, we headed straight to Hercules Fitness Gym for our nutrition talk with Gladys! Not only did we learnt about the types of food to eat and to avoid,  we also tried out some easy home exercises we could do by ourselves! Last but not least, my highlight of the day was our fitness challenge! I am amazed by my own accomplishment, read on for more details! 

A very cosy and well equipped gym!
SAY HI! FURRY FRIEND! There are 3 in the gym!

Here is one nutrition advice:

If you have water retention, eat more asparagus and Japanese cucumbers! They help you to expel the water in your body! Also, avoid dairy products or else you’ll bloat as well! 

We headed straight in to the fitness challenge which is to hold the plank! The person who holds for the longest period of time will win the challenge! 

This is the amazing and fit Gladys!
Simin set the standard for all of us at a whopping 7min 18secs!

This is the part where I felt super accomplished because I have never timed holding my plank before. In a bid to beat the timing, I grit through, held on for dear life and managed to squeeze out two seconds more and clocked 7min 20secs! HOW COOL WAS THAT? Never would I have thought I’d be able to hold a plank THAT long! 

Just when I thought that was the end of our challenged, it was announced that we are to have a second challenge which is to do the most number of JUMP squats! This is crazy intense because jump + squats just do NOT gel well together in my dictionary! 

We are all smiley faced because the idea of this challenge definitely haven’t hit us yet, LOL

So in the end, I managed a 95 (I can’t exactly remember)? That was subpar but I knew squats weren’t really my forte. I need to work on them more though if I’m ever going to achieve my amazing butt dreams, LOL. 

We then moved on to learning some easy gym + home exercises all the girls could perform by ourselves! 

Val’s expression and noises are truly the most hilarious!

Didn’t managed to take many more photos after because firstly, I was DEAD and secondly, we were busy learning as well! But good news was, Val, Cel and I were invited back to train with Gladys AGAIN! HOW AMAZING YET AGAIN! 

We were tasked to take a photo of ourselves in sportsbra and shorts as a ‘before’ photo for our transformation progress! 

These are my measurements!

This wasn’t the first time I took my measurements and once again, my body fat is 16.8! This was consistent over the past three times I was measured at different gyms – however, I was always told that this reading is impossible and that the machine could have been not well calibrated etc etc. None of the previous Trainers actually thought that that reading would be of what they see on me (heartbroken, sigh), but this time, Gladys immediately said that I have a bad water retention issue. COULD THIS BE the answer to all my doubts??? I have always wondered why I can see my muscles peeking but they don’t feel ‘hard’ hard like what you think fit people feel! Gladys told me that once I got rid of my water retention, I should see the definition and tone! I feel really encouraged that my muscle tone was good and my fat percentages were low! The 9.9 at the ‘T’ row actually shows that I only have 9.9% of fat in the trunk! OH WOW, I never knew! STRONG CORE IS ME.

My VF (visceral fat) is 4.5, and although that isn’t bad (it becomes alarming and dangerous once it nears 10), but I’m appalled that Valerie’s is at 1.5 considering all the PORK LARD she eats! We all nicknamed her the pork lard girl, HAHAHAHA! 

Pork lard girl screaming in pain as we watched, laughing evilly HAHAHA

For the record, these are some of the things we did! If you want to follow, please adjust the weight to suit yourself! 

  1. Standing Arnold Presses (4kg each side) 50 x 2
  2. Front Shoulder Raise (4kg each side) 12 x 3 
  3. Side Lateral Raise (3kg each side) 12 x 3
  4. Upright Row (5kg and 10kg) 12 x 3
  5. Jumping lunges 20 x 3
  6. Close leg squats (4kg) 20 x 3
  7. Leg Extension (10kg) 20 x 2
  8. Leg Curl (5kg) 20 x 2
  9. Bench Crunch 20 x 3
  10. Inclined Leg Raise 15 x 2
  11. Inclined Crunches 20 x 3 
Happy sweaty healthy us!

Check the team out on their Facebook! They have cute cats and a very cosy gym environment! What’s more, they know their stuff and can help you achieve the figure of your dreams! Bye bye to water retention and hello definition for me! 



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