DREAMGIRL SG – Fundraising for SPCA

It was really a fun experience fundraising for SPCA, considering the fact that I definitely would LOVE to help these cute animals! Moreover, it also reminded me of the times when I was still in secondary school and students were always involved with flagday fundraising. Makes me feel like I’m super young again, HAHA.

In case you didn’t know, SPCA stands for Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (check them out here: http://www.spca.org.sg/). We were briefed on some things that we could say to shed some light on what SPCA does.

The SPCA is not a government agency. As a result, they require donations from supporters (like you!) to continue to help sustain their important role as animal protectors! In fact, approximately $2,400,000 is required for them to carry out these animal welfare work annually, so EVERY BIT COUNTS!

Some of the key points which I emphasised on while gathering donations:

1. Animal cruelty and welfare investigations

2. 24-hour emergency animal rescue

3. Running a shelter for stray, abandoned and unwanted pets

I felt that these were some of the important issues that needed to be addressed, and that I really didn’t know that they were operating on a 24-hour basis!

Arranging the tins in sequence before getting an allocated one!
Me and my tin!

And off we went to our designated spots: Boon Lay/Jurong East!

Although it was rainy and there didn’t seem to be many people walking around, what really touched me was how some people actually willingly walked up to me with $10 or $5 to donate! This was not something I’d expect as it seemed to be the norm to drop coins, so I was really very, very touched!

THANK YOU to all the kinds hearts for dropping and sharing some of your love with me, whatever the amount, because it’s the sincerity that counts the most! ❤#faithinhumanity

Although I didn’t manage to stay all the way till the end, I left with a full and happy heart knowing that there are so many kind hearts out there! #journeytothewest truly justified 😂



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