DREAMGIRL SG – Fitness Challenge with Joanna 

It was a bright and overly sunny Sunday morning – until it was time to go for our challenge LOL. So we met with a little rain that decided to couple up with the lightning alert, how nice? Haha! All at the same time, the dreamgirls were all wishing that we could just head over for a food challenge at the nearby cafes instead! Who knew Bishan park was a gem full of beautiful cafes? 

Look at this quaint cafe covered in lush greenery!

We headed straight over for warmups after meeting Joanna! Simple jumping jacks, lunges, high knees and such were given to us to start us all revved up! 


1st round – Partner workout

  1. plank and walk
  2. hop & climb under
  3. sprint 
  4. run backwards
  5. low squat linked arms

2nd Round – Individual Challenge

  1. kangaroo hops
  2. bear crawl
  3. Push-ups (10 for full version, 20 for knee version)
  4. Duck Walk
  5. Sprint back
  6. Burpees x 20

I’m paired up with JENNY for our partner workout! We tested out the various exercises for the challenges and it was a whole lot of fun and giggles! The most tiring one is the hop and climb under though. THAT WAS INSANE. How it works is that someone starts in Plank first while the other person hops TWICE over the person in Plank. Then the person in Plank comes up to downward facing dog position for the other to crawl under. And finally the person who has crawled under goes to a plank position and the whole sequence repeats! SUPER INTENSE when the whole distance seems like it’s 1km or something (the trees were our gauge) and it didn’t help that Jenny and I went off track so we wasted a lot of energy there HAHA. 

But here’s to TEAMWORK!

Sweaty and grimy but all worth it!

Then the individual challenge was a nightmare because we were all already SO TIRED from the partner challenge (that we later found out was only our warmup?!?!???!!)! Actually the individual challenge wasn’t TOO BAD. I only felt super fatigued during the duck walk when my thighs started giving up on me! EVERY TIME I LIFTED MY LEG IT FELT LIKE A THOUSAND POUNDS! But okay I made it. It almost cramped up but I made it! YAY! 

Too bad there weren’t many photos because obviously we were covered in sweat and mud (WHY RAIN WHY) and grime! So here’s two more shots of us to wrap the day up before Val and I headed home to crash and prepare for our epic Bigo stream LOL. 



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