Oh wow, we had the privilege to attend a class with a celebrity! 

All of us with the sexy Sukki!

What a surprise to see Sukki herself in Singapore giving us some motivational pep talk about how we should be confident in our bodies! It definitely feels amazing to see her in real life with her fancy hair and costume! I would love to sport some crazy cool hair colour as well? 

But for now I’ll be the girl-next-door 😂

Sukki’s good friend Zee conducted the lesson for us by breaking down the various steps in a sequence of the dance. We started off learning how to coordinate the hand and leg movements before piecing them together bit by bit into a short one minute sequence. There were many movements that definitely felt awkward, but Zee was very encouraging and kept emphasising on how exuding confidence (as opposed to executing perfect moves) here is key to performing well. Another thing to note is how eye contact is very important; you’ve got to keep the audience engaged by perhaps picking one person to keep your eyes on to while you perform to add that additional oomph factor! Time to bring out those seductive gazes! 😉

How’s this pose? LOL

Before our grading session started, Sukki and Zee gave us the additional boost of confidence by assuring us that we were doing really well in our first lesson and that they were all excited to be sharing their expertise with us! As the sequence was only about a minute, we actually performed twice for the whole grading process. The second round was unexpected so I think I sort of forgotten a part of the sequence after we were finished with the first round. I didn’t do well here. 

Everything is more fun with friends! 🙂

Honestly, I was rather disappointed that I had only gotten 3 points for this segment because I thought I did better. It could be because I wasn’t amorous enough in the dance too I guess? Other than that, I thought that I caught the rhythm of the music (thanks to musical background, yay!) really well and synced them with the moves quite easily. I guess I need less sweetness and more of the seductive temptress side to come out? Haha! 

Need some extra oomph?

If you’re interested to know what Sukki does or want in on some of her action, click here! 😉 

Alternatively, do email info@sukkisingapora.com for bookings or email marina@chryslercommunications.com for all media requests! 



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