DREAMGIRL SG – BOUNCE Singapore (Obstacle Course)

Honestly, this was something that really scared me a bit because I’ve tried some of the stations once during the Triumph x Shape event and it felt crazy already (especially the hanging hoops one)! Moreover, I think that I’m not a really agile person who is able execute moves in bursts because of my background in yoga/ballet. Most of my movements tend to comprise of slower, more controlled, and fluid flows. In this case, the obstacle course would require me to step out of my comfort zone and target clean, sharp and precise strokes within a self proposed time limit (to strategies for a better timing of course). 

Group shot before we began! Love the colourful background!
JOIN THE REVOLUTION!!! Challenge yourself!

When I first tried out the different stations, I was already quite sure to skip the monkey bar segment because I knew that would definitely drain the most energy. However, when I saw some of the girls climbing on top of the railings to criss this station, I immediately attempted it and found it easy! The only scary part was when Jenny fell and hit her back while I was on the railings! I heard her sharp scream and initially thought it was perhaps just a slip. But when she lay there and continued screaming, I knew it must have been more than just a fall and she must have hurt somewhere. That instantly sent chills down my spine and flashes of me falling off and breaking something kept me frozen up there. P.s. It didn’t help that I once fractured my collarbone because I was hanging upside down on a bar as well so it was DOUBLE THE FEAR. But no worries, I got my sh*t together and decided that I HAD TO get down because that’s obviously the only way out. All went well and I immediately went to check up on Jenny. It was so painful to see her curled up in pain. πŸ™ 

After that, I went on to try the entire sequence of stations to get a feel of it. We were given an option to skip a station at a trade off of a 40 seconds time penalty. The circuit was surprisingly very doable and I made sure that each station would not exceed the 40 seconds time penalty (because if it did then it would make sense to skip the station isn’t it?). 

Here are some of the stations:

The first one where I didn’t do my single leap πŸ™
Right before leaping to the rock climbing wall!
Leaping and feeling like a parkour expert (just kidding)!
The trampoline obstacle thingy. Time your landing and synchronise your movements! Conserve your energy by using the spring from trampoline!
Took 2 tries to get up, SHOULD HAVE SKIPPED. πŸ™
I figured that a wider grip and stance makes this much easier!
I’m walking on air?!?? Also easy, don’t worry about this, the friction will help you!
Kind of scary to leap because you might miss the platform or the rope. But JUST BELIEVE.
The final ride! This is super fun hehe!

We were then assigned to compete based on our reverse rank order, supposedly as a disadvantage to the 1st ranked (yes, that’s me :()as the waiting time would result in cool down of the muscles to sub optimal levels. Being really worried that I wouldn’t get the momentum back, I did quick warmups in intervals consisting of simple squats, jumping jacks and hip stretches. I was feeling rather prepared to do well for this based on the trials I tried earlier. 

Right before my turn, Shixin also fell and twisted (?) her ankle! Looking at all the injuries that has happened, I became even more worried that I would get injured too. My heart was racing as I readied myself to take on the challenge. 

The first station was already less than stellar with double hops instead of a single hop that I executed effortlessly during the trials. I was slightly disappointed but still confident that the rest would go fine. Everything was good until the monkey bar station. For some reason, I couldn’t find the float that I had previously and I needed two jump tries before people told me to just climb up the sides. And I still went on to do it. This was a huge mistake. I should have gone off to just skip this station but something in me just wanted to prove to myself that I could overcome the fear of falling. It could be the intention to overcome fear, or it could be me trying to boost my own ego but that was where I made my wrong move. 

I was feeling rather disappointed by my performance because another unexpected setback happened when I was trying to swing with the rope to the other side. This was also extremely easy but I just felt so exhausted and I lost the energy to push through. To think that I was still teaching Tania and telling her how it this was during the trials. πŸ™ 

Overall, I was really disappointed with my performance at the obstacle course. I just felt really low after and didn’t think about going to retry because of the minor wound on my finger. Thinking back, I should have just gone on for a second try and skipped the monkey bar station. 

As someone who always believes that things will always get better and that the way you behave and immerse yourself in positivity will shape how you think and feel, I decided to accept that maybe that day was really not my day and I should stop feeling bad about it. Disappointment is definitely evident, but it is the drive to fight on that will bring you places. 

Quote of the day:

Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying ‘I WILL TRY AGAIN TOMORROW’. 

We ended with an amazing LEAP OF FAITH which was really fun! I didn’t feel the fear until I stepped onto the board haha. It was a good feeling though, to get past that fear and feel yourself getting mentally stronger. 

No picture for you for the leap of faith because you HAVE TO try it yourself! πŸ˜‰

Thanks to Skechers for this awesome pair of shoes that I wore too! Ultimate trust because I wore it for this challenge right after collection! It was good support! 

Pleasantly surprised to see SANDRA!!!

Have a go at challenging your limits at BOUNCE Singapore!

Cathay Cineleisure Orchard

8 Grange Road, #09-01

Singapore 239695

Opening Hours:

For General Access:

  • Mon-Thurs: 10am – 10pm
  • Fri: 10am – 11pm
  • Sat: 9am – 11pm
  • Sun: 9am – 10pm

*For Public Holidays: 9am to close

For Junior Jumpers:

  • Mon-Fri: 10am-4pm
  • Sat & Sun: 9am-12pm

*For Public Holidays: 9am to close

Dress Code:

Dress to bounce and don’t forget the following!

  • Flat-soled Sports Shoes must be worn in X-Park.
  • Bounce official grip socks at $3/pair must be purchased and worn in Trampoline Zone.



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