DREAMGIRL SG – 3 June 2017: Kobe Influencer Workshop + Sauceink Brief

The start of all the Dreamgirl SG activities began on the 3rd June by equipping us with skills on how to be an influencer and how to set our sauceink site! I was definitely feeling very apprehensive at first because it is after all, the first time that all of us would be spending almost half a day together! Plus, I rushed over after teaching a morning yoga class and was feeling quite exhausted (picture wet hair up with a cropped top and culottes, LOL) so I was definitely not as well dolled up as all the other beautiful girls! However, I am very glad everyone there were super friendly so we had a great start when the speakers from Kobe started to break the ice by offering us some snacks!

Our CHILLI snack! It honestly tasted real good (although I had my doubts at first)

In case you didn’t know, what Kobe encapsulates:

Kobe (口碑, kǒu bēi) is a pending patent* AI-driven advertising platform that pairs advertisers with relevant everyday influencers, leveraging on their ability to broadcast messages to millions of users so that businesses can get represented in front of their target audience in a credible manner.

(Taken from http://getkobe.com/#WHAT_Is_KOBE)

Our speakers and us! One of them also got the attention of one of my Bigo Live viewer LOL

So yes, obviously I was live streaming on Bigo throughout because I wanted to clock my 50 hours (one requirement for the Dreamgirl SG competition) ASAP. I predicted that I wouldn’t have much time to live stream with the demands of working life, teaching yoga and also my currently-still-secret project (might share with you guys soon)! DID YOU KNOW that live streaming also helps me to be more attentive and encourages my attention? Look below!

Some viewers were really engaged and even offered constructive questions when I asked them for contribution! This was quite a good question that I REALLY raised!

Snippets of some key takeaways:

  1. LET THEM KNOW YOU -> I feel it varies for every individual and emojis may not say much so giving that little bit more information about yourself or your hobbies might work to set you apart!
  2. BE CREATIVE -> This is quite straightforward, just be creative in a way that still reinforces your personality!
  3. ADAPTING AUDIENCE PREFERENCE -> Yes, yes, yes, always do your homework here!
  4. BE AUTHENTIC -> Most importantly, never lose yourself in this game of fame!

What NOT to do:

I think this is very important here and it is quite an intricate balance because nobody wants to follow someone who has lost their own voice and personality!

And of course there will always be some who are just looking out for more ‘cai’ (colloquial term for girls):

It is Jerlinda there! 😉

We had some fun playing the Spicy Tuna Challenge as well with Ayam Brand Tuna but sadly I was too busy live streaming so I do not have any shots here. 🙁

Right after this, we headed over to Sauceink for more tips on Bigo and creating our Saucesites! Did not take pictures as well because we were mostly playing the waiting game and connection was terrible plus we were all playing with Bigo (*inserts guilty face*). Regardless, I did learn quite a bit from the mutual sharing with other contestants as well as helpful viewers on Bigo! Excited to see how everything will turn out! It was a good wrap for Day 1!



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