DAY 7 – Tone Up Butt and HIIT with my Beehoon Buddy!

Today was an incredibly busy day with the rest of Singapore getting prepared for Day 1 of partial quarantine! This includes all my fellow BAs who are experiencing their first ever work-from-home opportunity! Where else would you get such an amazing chance to WFH when you hold a retail salesfloor job?! Our Singapore government is truly god-send with their support to employees is Singapore! Counting my blessings!

Back to the grind, today is exercise date day with my most capable colleague and these are what we are going to do!

Did this toning workout for legs and booty while waiting:

Would say that this is probably great as a warm up set to fire up and prepare the legs and glutes for any upcoming HIIT exercise! OR, you could do this as an extra burn AFTER the HIIT exercise. Both way works!

Next up, Full Body HIIT!

This was INTENSE. Each exercise was a direct repeat of 3 sets, one after the next. Not exactly the ideal workout I would like to do because I feel like it was too repetitive for me – but if you really want to fatigue the muscles then this would be good! Nevertheless, it was a fun workout, especially with my virtual workout buddy!

All ready for day 8 tomorrow!

Xoxo, Shermaine

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