DAY 5 – Review of The Coastal Settlement

Today is the last Sunday for cafe visits before Singapore enters a partial lockdown! And yes, social responsibility plays a really important role in containing this pandemic so social distancing measures have been enforced in many restaurants.

The coastal settlement is an amazing peaceful and beautiful cafe tucked in nature! Nestled along the stretch of Cranwell Bungalows, you get a really nice view of greenery and also the waves!

The entry pathway towards the restaurant!

I’m blown away by the crab and smoked salmon dish I tried because they used real crab and were so generous with the ingredients! Portobello mushroom fries were the bomb too!!! And although the unassuming cup of long black looks just regular, i really love the intensity of the flavour! Waffles on the other hand, were nothing to scream about. The staff though, had amazing hospitality! They accommodated my request to switch tables to one with a power plug despite the reduced sitting available in the restaurant, so I’m grateful for that! In all, I definitely would love to come back again to try the other dishes!

Till the world awakens in Singapore in May

Xoxo, Shermaine

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