DAY 4 – May the Force be with you?!

Yes, I really need the force to be with me right now because today is the day I decided to be real with myself and get down to taking that damm progress pics so I can really look back and justify any progress with concrete evidence – on MAY THE 4TH LOL.

But before that, here’s the quick upper body hiit I did, followed by a short 3km run because I needed a recovery run and a break! Just a heads up, I honestly don’t consider this upper body workout as HIIT because my heart rate stayed at about 100 bpm on average… but if you’re needing a little pump on the upper body to prep for something more intense, it could be a great warm up!

When I first embarked on my 90 days of booty building and “bulking” phase, it was a tiny cheat for me to be really eating almost whatever I want. This didn’t help that my weight and body fat was already shooting up from the Christmas and CNY festivities…

My tipping point, or rather, the “Get yo shit together” tipping point came when one day I stepped on the Boditrax and my fat percentage was 26%. Like, what in the FREAKING world?

It has never been so high, because I gauge my fitness level to be on par with athletes. As a fitness instructor, or just someone who generally loves working out, I aim to maintain 22% (or maybe even 23/24% body fat is still manageable if I close one eye) body fat. Coupled with an all time high weight of almost 59kg, that was just unacceptable!

*wanted to post my boditrax readings here but apparently boditrax ceased operations for the covid pandemic period to reduce operational costs for gyms* so update again next time!

But at least my booty goals were “achieved” before I decided to embark on a leaning out period. Okay, in all honesty, the definition of achieving booty goals are purely visual in my photos because I didn’t have concrete measurements or proper progress pics…but I still think it counts as a success as opposed to my previously flat butt!

So yes, I procrastinate again. I didn’t take any proper progress pic to document the start of my leaning out period, but well, better late than never?

May the force be with me

So yes, it doesn’t look like I’m overweight, or that there are flab rolls everywhere. But progress will be progress and I ain’t gonna be stuck at 26% body fat because that’s too much for me! This pic is probably not 26% body fat already since I don’t know my measurements as Fitness First closed down about a week or two ago…so yeah… hard to face the truth, ALWAYS.

I’m definitely looking to tone up the core area, continue to shape up my glutes and quads, add more definition in the back. All these, with just HIIT, resistance bands and running! I’m positive that it will be a great success! And hopefully, I’ll be able to not only put a good progress pic come 1st of May, but also go back to FF and take my Boditrax measurements!

Oh, how embarrassing it is. But progress happens only at the end of your comfort zone! So this is me stepping out of my comfort zone today.

What about you?

Xoxo, Shermaine

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