DAY 29 – Treadmill + Arms + Yoga

Today I finally hit my all-time low! Yes, I have been so heavy for so long, it is UNBELIEVABLE! I am elated that my hardwork is seeing some progress, despite the daily ups and down, which is inevitable in a regular day/week. In general, the weekly average is decreasing, so it means I’m headed toward the right direction!

This used to be considered an embarrassing weight to me, but there are finer things in life that mean more than stressing over this I guess?

I did a low intensity treadmill jog/walk as my warm up for today’s Arms and Upper Body focused yoga session!

Today’s low intensity cardio

To keep things simple, I followed this Dumbbell only workout for my arms! Using only 2kg dumbbells, it is essential that you really focus on the muscle-mind connection, which I emphasize on every single time – regardless of what you are working on! Good thorough burn, I loved it!

This following advanced vinyasa class is a fun one. We explored transitions and poses like birds of paradise, EPK 2 and handstand hops! While it is encouraged that you try the handstand hop up and transition to chaturanga, I obviously still can’t do that so I did a mini hop and make my feeble transition to chaturanga. What matters is that YOU TRY, alright?! We all need to start somewhere before we can progress! So, YOU DO YOU! I would say this is more strength focused rather than cardio focused, but I really felt the burn as I did this right after my arms workout!

Try them out too and keep working toward your goals!

Xoxo, Shermaine

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