DAY 24 – On a Roll! Treadmill + HIIT!

Today is Fitness Friday again! Started the day off with some low impact stretches and toning exercises!

In the evening, I decided to try this challenge I saw on Instagram because it looked compact enough to fire up some lower body activation! Well, just 2 sets of all the 5 exercises and you will definitely feel the burn! But this works out to only about 10 minutes or so, so I guess you could definitely increase the number of sets!

We rounded off the day with Nelson’s HIIT livestream workout! This 30min was a killer! But definitely loved the intensity!

Time to wind down, nourish my body with good food and have a good rest! Great thing about staying home is that you could push yourself further and test your limits safely because it is much more convenient to fit in power naps, which I feel are SUPER important for me during the work days! I’ll have you know that training is no easy feat because of the mental, emotional and physical challenge you place on your body – plus the constant adaptation to the situation! Side lament, because only trainers will fully understand what I mean. It is really hard to do training AND workout at my optimum on a “normal life” regular basis because it almost always lead to burnouts and falling sick.


Xoxo, Shermaine

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