Achievement unlocked!

I managed to get up early today for an invigorating morning flow and boy did this really work up quite a sweat! The handstand hops were a great power activation and good practice for those working toward a handstand! Of course I do not have a stable handstand yet, so this is really good training on handstand drills!

Try this out yourself too!

In the evening, a good weighted exercise really got me very worked out! In particular, the one legged dead-lifts are really a killer! Is it me, or is it normal to feel like my back is aching like crazy while doing this?! Vivien and I literally died after this! Although not exactly a cardio workout, my heart rate really increased and i got a good 300 calorie burn!!!

Try it out yourself here!

Stay safe, stay strong!

Xoxo, Shermaine

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