DAY 19 – Upper Body Static Weight Workout

Today I woke up feeling my whole body aching! It has been quite some time since I felt some serious muscle aches, so yesterday’s yoga + HIIT combination must have killed! That, on top of the fact that Ming Hui and I stayed up to watch Itaewon Class until 12am, LOL. I usually sleep before 11pm, mind you!

Only managed to crawl out of bed around 10 plus and had a long lunch, read a book on knowing your nose, and then decided not to be a blob. Motivated by the amazing lighting I captured in my parents’ bathroom, I decided I should get back to my weighted exercises! I mean, it’s high time I put all that money spent to good use, right?!

Got my weights out and here goes:

Who says 2kg dumbbells can’t give you any burn?! It is always about the mind-muscle connection!!!

Right after, I revised some handstanding, did a little walk on the treadmill, and it’s time to rest again!

Everyday is a great day to look forward to!

Xoxo, Shermaine

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