Today is the day I did my FIRST EVER Instagram livestream flow session because I got nudged by Yumiactive to conduct a workout on Instagram! I am honestly really heartened to see the screenshot that showed a total of 158 viewers! I don’t know how the calculation works, or what the length of time is considered as a criteria to be a “viewer”, but that summary screenshot made me feel really HAPPY! The best part is of course, receiving thanks and appreciation for the session! While my regulars who attended feels this is a moderate intensity to my regular classes, I have quite a number of comments stating that it is rather difficult! Fortunately, I like to give many variations/modifications so everyone gets to work themselves out within their comfortable limits – and also having the options to push themselves further! That’s what I really value in any kind of exercises!

Some pictures that got sent over:

After that, my fellow hot yogis went for a round 2! Of course we HIIT it hard – I think we are officially HIIT addicts now!

This workout really got my heart rate up! Intense cardio and great overall workout! I felt it in my arms and legs!

Time to close the day!~

Xoxo, Shermaine

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