DAY 17 – HIIT and Core!

Today is Fitness Fridays with my Coty BAs again, so while I have scheduled for them to work on core exercises, I need to work up a sweat myself prior so that I get a great day filled with wonderful workouts locked in!

Decided to go push myself with a 40 min routine before targeting the core! In actuality, with the warm ups and cool downs, I think the more intense parts of the workouts probably lasted around 30 min or so? Nevertheless, this circuit is focused on more cardio inspired moves and also lots of planks/reverse planks and the likes. Got really really sweaty here!

Following this, a core workout that is only 20 min:

Not too tough but yes I did feel the BURN! Good core workout for the last bit of abs toning!

till next time!

Xoxo, Shermaine

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