Both flows are INSANE! And I LOVE THEM!

This was my morning flow, consisting of arm balances such as crow and EPK 1 and EPK 2. Both of which I haven’t revisited in a very very VERY long time! In this transition, the flow was to enter through one-legged downward facing dog straight to knee on elbow and then to transfer the weight and life. For EPK 2, this is easily accessible but for EPK 1 the twisting adds an additional challenging element. And for that, I enter EPK 1 through side crow first, before opening out the legs. An alternative you can try!

For this flow, the intensity was revved up right at the start! Think modified versions of “burpees”, “jump lunges” and “plank jacks” cued in with yoga inspired poses like plank to malasana, high lunge jump switches and plank in-&-outs. One interesting exercise that was repeated throughout was the reverse tabletop – albeit injected with lots of variation, like the hand to toe touch and feet jump in and out, all while holding the reverse tabletop! Damn, that was TRULY TOUGH.

Try these out at your own risk, they are a whole lot of fun to do! I even did a little wheel challenge just for fun!

Xoxo, Shermaine

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