Started out the day RIGHT with an invigorating yoga session! I enjoyed this session as the instructions were really clear, there was no need to peek at the screen at all! In general, the flow was a generally basic one, with one of the peak poses I would consider to be half moon pose. Great for a pick-me-up anytime of the day! For those starting to venture into yoga, the power element here would be a motivating twist to your regular practice!

In the evening, I decided to go for some cardio blast with these 2 circuits, the additional one added in because I felt the first 30 min workout didn’t exactly get into my cardio zone. This 30 minute workout is an excellent prelude to an additional workouts because some of the exercises are somewhat more static and requires more mind-muscle connection instead of bursts of energy. If you’re looking to work on strength and muscle toning, this would be good.

On the other hand, this 15 min workout KILLED ME. There was minimal rest between circuits and no rest between sets. Try this out at your own risk – especially if you want to challenge your heart rate. I don’t know how this girl managed to kill it in this video still looking pretty and well groomed – she is the true cardio goddess!

Try these out if today feels like THE DAY to pump things up!

Xoxo, Shermaine

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