DAY 1- Become a Lean Mean Machine in 30 days!

As the world comes to quite a standstill because of the Covid-19 pandemic, so have our regular work lives. Singapore is entering a stage of full work-from-home (if possible) and that is AMAZING for me because travel time to and fro work (approx 3 hours) is going to be reduced and that means more time to do what you like!

And that, for me, means HELLO FITNESS GOALS!

So the gyms are mostly closed too and I’m back to running and home HIIT workouts! Just started my 2 sessions of HIIT today and I can totally feel tomorrow’s ache coming in already LOL.

Regardless, this month will be THE MONTH I become a lean mean fit machine AGAIN! Am going to try to go on a 2 solid meals a day diet, supplemented with protein shakes, and see if it works!

These are what I did today:

Morning session: Full Body Cardio

Evening session: Triceps Shoulders Biceps

More updates to come, and until then, stay safe, stay fit!

Xoxo, Shermaine

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