Shermaine Tan

Grow your financial needs, fitness & health with me.

years ago, I embarked on a journey to empower others with the right kind of fitness - physically, emotionally & financially.

Over the course of my professional career I have collected certifications in the areas of fitness, beauty and financial panning where I marry the importance of enjoying life’s luxuries together with a prudent financial fitness roadmap.

As a MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) Achiever, I am recognised as one of the top achievers in the life insurance and financial services space.

My goal is to continue to empower more women out there to not only thrive in what they enjoy doing – be it fitness, beauty or wellness, but to also achieve a financially fit future with a comfortable retirement.

Fitness Trainer

I acquired my Yoga Teacher Certification 9 years ago after completing 200 hours of gruelling training.

What first started out as a hobby for me quickly  turned into a deep-seated passion and eventually a way of life for me.

I cultivate my passion in all things fitness daily and it brings me great joy when I’m helping people to achieve their fullest potential.

I currently teach hot yoga classes, high-intensity spin sessions, as well as rehabilitation focused training. 

If your goal is to live life pain-free, healthy and filled with fun, I might just have the ideal approach for you to uncover these! 

Hit me up if you’re interested!

Financial Consultant

Having to undertake financial responsibilities from a young age, I quickly realized the importance of financial planning to meet my future lifestyle needs.

I realized that many women in a similar scenario relied very heavily on men for financial decisions and had little to no knowledge in financial literacy.

Thus I set out on a quest to not only master the right means to plan out my own financial situation, but also to help those around me secure financial stability for their families and retirement.

A second opinion is always great in broadening perspectives! 

If you are feeling lost about what steps you can take, I am always just one text away!

Product Training Consultant

During undergraduate days, I secured the Ministry of Manpower HR scholarship which allowed me to equip myself with an Advanced Certification in Learning & Performance (ACLP) that enhanced my coaching skills as a trainer in the beauty industry.

I have conducted various product trainings & Train-the-Trainers (TTT) training since, and possess an in-depth of understanding of the marketing & training needs of big brands.

I’m also regularly invited to do product presentations/livestreams for various beauty brands (usually with discounts if you buy during the stream!).

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I started


At Age 16.

Because I felt pressured by the financial burden that would eventually arrive as I grew older.

This culminated in many odd jobs that I ventured into, like car shows, talent agency jobs, makeup artistry and of course, fitness training. Despite the worry from my parents that I may quit studying, these job experiences ultimately served as an edge over others because these meant that I had the relevant experiences for my future official corporate job, which also helped me to clinch a mid-term Scholarship while I was in University – showing how all these years of hardwork really paid off!

The next shock came when I had to take up the responsibility of my family’s mortgage payments while I was about to graduate.

However, on hindsight, these stressors have really served as a great motivating factor for me to work doubly hard, and to also clean up my finances from a really young age.

To ensure that I could still pursue my career goals and juggle the financial liabilities that were waiting to be paid off – think University tuition fees and mortgage payments while paving the way to securing my own matrimonial home in the future.

The only way I could have a peace of mind, is when I know I am able to manage my side incomes to bolster any additional shock. These can be addressed by making sure I had sufficient emergency funds while I kept the excess funds in safe havens to beat rising inflation rates.

Securing a financially fit journey through life’s unexpected moments is definitely not an easy one, but it can be really rewarding and reassuring when done right.

But the important thing here is, this is not about me.

A prudent financial roadmap was


This is about


You can change all of this, once you realise that life is a beautiful journey that you can take charge of if you just switch the mindset you have today.

This is where I will be here for you. I want you to share with me your thoughts, your struggles, your milestones, and finally, your successes.​

Just like me, I want you to unlock the path to finding your financial fitness.

What Is Your Reason


We interact with people every single day. 

Establishing fulfilling social interactions are pivotal to a meaningful life. My purpose here is to share with you what I have learnt through my life journey and seek to empower those who are in similar positions.

What are YOU here for?

Your Trusted Partner to Journey Through Life Together