Empowering Women to Grow Their Wealth & Build A Financially Fit Future.

My Story

Hi , I'm Shermaine Tan

As a professionally certified trainer in beauty, fitness and now finance, my greatest passion is empowering women to lead their best lives and build a financially fit future. From enterprising business women to housewives just starting on investments for the first time, I help my clients develop a comprehensive plan to build passive income and protect their assets for the future.

Learn to Flex Your Financial Fitness With Me.

Interest for investing is soaring, but only 28% of women are confident or knowledgeable about investing1.

"I've never invested before, where do I start? I wish I had made some investments when I was younger. I don't want to have to depend on my children for my old age..."

Along the way, I realized that many women had a big gap in their financial literacy and many didn’t know where to start. These are just some of the common questions that I’ve heard from so many new clients.

Armed with renewed knowledge on financial planning & investments, I made it my life’s mission to help the people I encountered achieve a more stable and financially secure future.

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The Wealth Pyramid


Most women fear investing because of the risk of losing their hard-earned money like in what headline news always depict. However, there are various risk-reward scenarios, and it is important to match your risk appetite to your investment outcomes. With a personalized investment illustration, you will be able to gain greater awareness on potential pitfalls and gain confidence in investing .

How much and what kind of insurance do I need? What are these policies that my parents have bought for me?

As we come to take charge of our finances, we realize how overwhelming it can be with too much information on the internet; there are too many things to look into! With my guidance, you can be assured that your financial security is well taken care of, and these confusing jargons will not come back to haunt you.

How can I secure my retirement & not rely on my children for income?

Women have a longer life expectancy than men so it’s important to ensure that we are fully covered in our golden years.

Find out ways you can optimize your resources and secure a financially fit future for your retirement. Look into creating a lasting legacy for your family for many generations to come where you will always be dearly remembered.


From My Amazing Clients


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Ready to get Started?

I know finance can be intimidating at times, especially when we’re working so hard to achieve our dream lifestyle!

That’s why I’m all abouting financial education helping you to plan your roadmap to retirement.

Reach out to me and let’s talk!